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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Festival of the Horse

Hi there,

Well some unfortunate news to report. I had to cancel Wistar from the CDI this weekend. He unfortunately developed a hoof abscess in his left front hoof that we were not able to remedy before the show. He has been fantastic and I was very disappointed especially with all of the progress we have made. I am very thankful that it is a short term problem and that we will be back on track here shortly. We are heading home after the show back to Roy and everyone is very excited to get home and get back to work.

On the brighter side. "Little Man" is being so super at the show. Friday we did a 1st level test and he came in 1st with a 68.7%. Today Saturday he was very in front of my leg and expressive and won his first level test with a 71.7%. Tomorrow we are doing are very first second level test. He has been getting stronger and stronger since I have been down here and he is really understanding the concept of sitting in the canter. We will see how he does. He has been a real trooper.

Kiesha made it down safely yesterday and has been helping Ashley, Paula and I at the show and will be helping drive home with Paula tomorrow. They should be home on Tuesday night and have been so much fun having down here with us. I will let you know how Warado does tomorrow. Until then I hope all of you are well and I will see you soon.


Monday, March 19, 2007


Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog. The horses are doing great. Chris Butanko was here again last Monday to shoe the boys and that went well. Thanks Chris for spending two days down here away from your business to help us out.

Wistar had his first warm up show of the season. We decided to start th season in the small tour being that it is a Pan Am year. We are working diligently on the Grand Prix at home hoping he will be ready to bring out the 2nd half of the year. We will see how the first two shows go and update our plan accordingly. In our PSG we had a somewhat consistent test which brought in a 65% from the panel of three judges. He was a little high especially in our medium canter down the long side. Yee-Haw he was feeling good. He needed a bit more relaxation in the canter work.

The next day in the I-1 I was absolutely thrilled with his performance. He was fantastic. He scored an overall score of a 66% which put us in 7th of the 24 entered for the day. All and all it was a very good first show out. It let me know what I had to work on for the next month and I feel really good about the CDI coming up in the next two weeks which is what will really count. I have been implementing some changes in my training since working with Debbie McDonald and Chrissy Harrison and we are still working on developing a more subtle connection. So that first show really helped us all know where we lack strength.

Little Man was a very super boy at the show as well winning his first class of the weekend with a 70.7% at first level. On day two he was able to get a 69% and finished third. On Sunday I took a lesson with Chrissy and Wistar and schooled Warado before packing up and taking them back to the farm. We had a great time. Paula pulled into the show on Saturday evening with Solo. Just arriving from Summervale Farm. Solo was tired but looked great and was very perky.

Well that's all for know. Next show is March 30, 31, and 1st. It is a CDI at the LA Equestrian Center. Charlene was planning on flying down for it. Kiesha who helps out with some riding at the farm will be flying down to help out at the show and drive back home with Paul and all of us. Thanks Kiesha. And we can't wait to see you Char (and Kiesha).