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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mid Winter Dressage Show

Hi there,

The first two days of Mid Winter Dressage show are complete. Friday was a beautiful day and the first day of a new season. Wistar went first at 3:15 and I had a super warm up to prepare. I got on about 30 minutes prior and in the heat it was still about 6 minutes to long. The weather is much warmer here and he doesn't last quite as long as he acclimates. The test went well. This was Wistar's 1st ever Grand Prix and I haven't shown a Grand Prix since Solo in 2005 at Gladstone's Festival of Champions so I felt a little rusty. My first extended was very solid and the half passes needed a bit more cadence. His second extended to the passage had a big spook out of the corner but was salvaged. My piaffe passage tour was still not as fluid or active as I am getting in the warm up or at home but I was really able to get a great feel of what to fix before our first CDI in two weeks. My changes scored 8's and my last passage piaffe tour was really picking up. Over all we finished fourth our first time out and I felt very satisfied with his effort and our performance. Scores in this class were quite low but I was very happy. Tomorrow we will shorten the warm up and really try for more accuracy and get every point I can.

Cendro and Rubesco also had a great day. Paula and Rubesco won there 1-4 test with a 68% and were second in the 2-4 test with a 65.6%. Rubesco is coming back from a two year hiatus after an injury in 2006. He is now stronger than ever and Paula couldn't be happier with him. Go Rubesco!

Cendro who is owned by Margot Reed of Tacoma had a great first day as well. I have been on Cendro about two months now and this was our first show together. He came in very "puffy" to his test and gave them both a good go on Friday. He won his 1-4 test with a 72% and was second in his 2-4 test with a 66%


Today was Wistar's first Grand Prix Special ever ridden. I had a great time riding this test. We warmed up in about 20 minutes and had our test in the Equidome where they hold the CDI test. Wistar was great. The quality of the work was a step up from yesterday. I had some small mistakes but nailed my changes and pirouettes are really starting to gain points. We were able to come away with the win today and that was nice but I was so happy to have the feeling we were communicating so well within the test. That was my most important goal of the weekend. I will give him tomorrow off and Paula and I each have a test on our other boys Rubesco and Cendro. I also have Ashley's boy Windtalker here which I have been schooling each day. We may enter him into his first test if a scratch opens up tomorrow.

Rubesco and Paula won there 2-4 test today with a 68.9% Paula did a great job and really nailed it. She was extremely excited. She is even more excited to get back to the barn in San Diego to start working on those third level test.

Cendro had a great day too. He was a perfect gentleman in his warm up and had a solid performance in the ring as well. He came away with the win with a 75.5% We were quite happy with that. His mama Margot flew in for the weekend to watch him go and she had a great time.

SUNDAY Results:

Paula and Rubesco win their first level 4 Am with a 70%
Jen and Cendro win ther first level 4 Open with a 70.5%