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Friday, September 7, 2007

Janet Foy Clinic

Well the weeks are flying by this year. I can't believe it is already September. Wistar and I went to the Janet Brown-Foy clinic the weekend which was inspirational and great fun. We worked a lot on the quality of the transitions into and out of Piaffe and Passage. Wistar was a champ. He has gained so much strength in the last couple of months. His rhythm has improved (my rhythm) and he is very active behind. I still just need a bit more lift with his front legs. We also worked on the quality of his schooling canter. Being able to stay consistent and controlled within a working pirouette. It was really fun.

Just an update since the last blog. WEC was a lot of fun for Paige, Paula, and Ashley. Paige and her pony Dan-O did a great job with their 2-4Q with a 66.9% and winning the class. She also won her very first 3-3. She did a great job through the weekend and ended up qualifying for second level at championships. Paula had a fantastic ride on Phirst Solo taking nd in her FEI class with a 65.5% at Intermediare One. Way to go Paula!!! Ashley and Little Dub (Windtalker) had a great 2nd show. Ahsley took 3rd in her T-4 class and we were all very proud of the pair. Everyone did great and now we look forward to the championships.