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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

2007 Regional Championships


Well the season is finally winding down. We just finished with our regional championships. Warado was wonderful despite some nasty weather and mucky footing. He was a little star behaving beautifully and working hard through the less then ideal conditions. We had a wonderful group of friends, students and supporters to cheer everyone on.

The weekend started out with our Northwest 1st level championship class. We had a super warm up and over all a solid test. The mud puddles proved a bit difficult in our canter work with a couple of balance problems and a break into the trot. We ended up with 69% and a fourth place. Saturday we had our Great American 1st level Championship which for me was a real disappointment. Warado felt great and as I went down center line I had a sick feeling about how deep the footing had become due to the rain. I started my first lengthening and pulled up. I asked the judge for permission to withdraw and she completely understood. I just couldn't risk him in it. It was a tough decision but in the end I knew it was the right one.

Later that day we had our 2nd level NWDC test and he was very well behaved no major mistakes just a little lack of expression. He scored a 67% and was again fourth.

Sunday was a little more exciting. The rain was really pouring and huge lakes had developed in the arena's. Fortunately the arena I was in on Sunday was wet but firm.
We were aloud to warm up with in the arena because of the lack of space now around the outside due to the addition of a third dressage court with in the enclosed sand arena. I spent about two minutes cantering through the lakes to get Warado accepting of the new obstacles. We went down center line and he did a super job. One little cross canter in one of my movements and the rest was very nice. He ended up Reserve Champion with a 73% in his Great American 2nd Level. Receiving a 76% from one judge and 69% from the other.

Paula and Solo did a beautiful job as well taking 3rd in her PSG with a 64.7%
Paige and Dan-o Had a super weekend winning there NWDC 1st level, NWDC 2nd Level, Great American 2nd Level, and was reserve in her Great American 1st level Championship in the junior/yr division
Diana and Elegancia were Reserve Champions for both there NWDC and Great American 3rd level AA classes
Kimmie and Princess were very satisfied with their 1st level AA classes
Meghan and Poet, Teresa with Durk and Marika, and the rest of the gang made for a really enjoyable weekend.

Special thanks to Lucas for staying at the show to watch the horses over night and give Warado and extra carrot good night!