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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Great American Championships

The season has finally come to an end. We had a wonderful year and there is much to be thankful for. The horses are all fit, sound, and healthy. I personally can't be more thrilled. This years regional championship was held at the beautiful Devonwood Equestrian Centre. The weather was fantastic and we all had a great time.

The boys did great. Wistar won the Great American Grand Prix Championship and was Reserve Champion in the Great American Grand Prix Freestlye Championship(Congrats Linds on the win!) Warado was also the Great American 3rd level Champion for 2009.Reserve Champion in the class was HS Wishful Thinking who is also a Wistar son. Congratulation to Meghan Dorsey on her beautiful rides. Regalo had a super test in her Great American first level test and finished 3rd by the narrowest of margins. The victory gallop was fun and entertaining. The horses were definitely getting tired as the weekend wore on. They are so happy to be getting a well deserved break.

Paige and her Pony Dan-O finished off the year as Champions at PSG and Intemediare one for their Great American classes. She was very excited to get her victory gallop in. Bev Huddleston and her gelding Ellusive (by Wistar)finished 6th of 25 in the Northwest Training Level AA division. I will post some pictures from that soon. Everybody take care and I will give you an update before we head off to CA in mid Feb next year.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Oregon Dressage Championships

Well it was another hot weekend down in Oregon at this years Oregon Dressage Championships held at Devonwood Equestrian Centre. The barn went down with 7 horses and we all had a great time. The temperature was up in the high 90's and we were cooking for a large portion of the weekend.

I was fortunate to qualify and make it down with 4 horses this year. Wistar, Warado, Wrevolution, and Regalo. All four of the horses were wonderful and I felt very happy with their performances. Wistar competed in the GP and the GP Freestyle. The Freestyle was held on Sat in the afternoon during the some pretty warm weather. He was a good boy and worked hard earning Reserve Champion in the division. The next morning was the GP and it was much cooler. He felt more with me and gave a solid test for a score of a 66%

Warado was stellar through the weekend. He was able to secure a win on all three days in his third level open classes with a 72.7% on the final Sunday ride and the ODS Third level championship.

Wrevolution was my little greenie. He behaved himself for two full days but on the third day he just had to give a little excitement to the crowd. The first day in the open show at Training level he was great and was very ride-able. He is four this year and incredibly athletic which is part of the reason why I think he will make such a phenomenal GP horse in the future. He also has a great mind but at times he reminds me that he is four and has an overly athletic moment or two.

In the Oregon championships you must ride two test over a two day period for the lower levels. On sat Wrev won the class with a 71% and was looking good for a championship. On Sunday we had an "athletic moment" with the judge commenting that he thought I was up for the good stay in the saddle belt buckle award. That horse continues to amaze me. I just love him! He ended up finishing fourth with a combined score of 68% and a good end to the season.

Regalo my final mount for the weekend was also a super mare. She had just the two championship tests rides and handled the venue and the test like a pro. After day one Regalo finished second behind Debbie Evans and her lovely gelding by just 2 tenths of a percent. The next day she put in a very solid test for a 71.7% and the first level championship. Her owner Johnna Stevens was so excited, it was really sweet.

We had a couple of Summervale Farm team members riding it up this past weekend as well. Bev Huddleston on the 6 year old Wistar son Ellusive took home a 5th place finish in the amateur training level championship division and 4th place in the first level division. Tekla and Bonsai finished 8th place at first level and 6th place at second level in the championship amateur divisions. Paige and her pony Dan' O finished Reserve Champion in the open PSG championship class and 4th in the Intermediare Championship, and Kristin on Larsie rocked out their first Intermedaire test in the open show. Congratulations to everyone at the show. There was some beautiful rides by many of the competitors.

Update on the summer progress

It has been a while since my last posting and I apologize for the delay. The horses are doing great. We have been to quite a few local shows this summer. In June the barn went to Donida Farm in Auburn, WA for a show. Wistar did a GP Freestyle test there scoring a 74% and Warado some third level test. We also took one of our lovely sales mares Regalo who competed at first level and Wrevolution who did some training level test. All four horses did well and it was nice to get them out again after our great time spent learning from Steffen in San Diego.

We then did the Donida Farm show the end of July. Wistar did a GP test and his freestyle there which also went well scoring a 68.9% in the GP and a 70% in the Freestyle. The test are feeling much more confirmed in this second half of the season.

The first weekend in August was our very own Summervale Farm show which went great and every one seemed to have a wonderful time. We took the opportunity to get some of our young horses out and it was very good exposure for them.

The following weekend I was able to take Wistar and a couple of clients to the Spokane Sport horse show. This was a great venue and we all had a fantastic time. Wistar had a strong GP scoring a 72.5% and Paige Romney who rides her darling pony Dan' O and is only 14 was able to secure the FEI Highpoint in the FEI at Intermediare One with a 66% over the two day show. Tekla and her adorable gelding Bonsai also had a great show and we really enjoyed the trip. Next up is the ODS Championships in Sherwood, Oregon. You can see all of my scores at and how our clients are doing at thanks and looking forward to talking with you all soon!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

2009 FEI ROLEX World Cup

What an event. Steffen Peters and his mount, Ravel have recently won the FEI ROLEX World Cup with an 84.95% WOW! Many of the Summervale Gang were able to witness this awesome event. Steffen was calm ans cool as he entered the arena for the Grand Prix and I just couldn't help but feel like he was going to make it happen. Make it happen he did earning an amazing score and clinching the victory. It was the same result for the Grand Prix Freestyle. Poetry in motion. I am as motivated as ever to get back down to the beautiful farm of Arroyo Del Mar where he trains and continue to receive the priceless instruction that he gives. Here are a couple of fantastic photos taken by my friend, Siggi Wolff. Thanks so much Sig!

On a side note the horses all made it home safe and sound. A major relief! We are taking it a bit easy for a period and then will get geared up once again to hit a couple of the Washington shows and perhaps head down once again to train with Steffen this Summer!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rancho Murieta CDI

The sunshine is going to be so hard to leave, but our time here in sunny California is quickly coming to an end. It has been another lovely weekend of horses and Dressage competition. Wistar was a good boy in the Grand Prix CDI. He was honest in his work and tried hard. We had a couple of mistakes in the extended trot pieces which was a bit out of character for him. I was extremely happy with the quality of the canter pirouettes and the changes. The piaffe and passage tour is getting stronger and everyday we learn another piece of the puzzle it seems. Still a long way to go but were enjoying the journey.

Warado has been a champ all month. He finished 2nd in his 3-3 test with a 65% and won his 4-1 test with a 68%. He is looking forward to a break when we get home.

Wrevolution has been superb. He was 2nd yesterday in his T-1 class with a 66% scoring an 8 for his gaits. He is very brave and willing. He still needs some time to get strength over his back and carry some wight behind. He will be phenomenal in a year or two.

Wista, who is being ridden by my assistant Jessica had another good weekend at Training and First level. She scored in the mid 60's all weekend and was very happy with the mare's performance.

Arturo had a good show competing at Training level this weekend. He scored a 72% on Thursday taking home a high point award. Arturo is also being ridden by Jessica.

Kristin O'Hearn and her equine mount Lars had a successful weekend as well. The pair who train in WA with Siggi Wolff of Cavallis,came down with the Summervale Farm gang to gets some more experience. Kristin was able to achieve both of her qualifying scores for 3rd level championships in the two shows she rode in along with her bronze medal scores and one score towards her silver medal. This was a big goal for Kristin so we want to give a big congratulations to her on that awesome achievement.

Rod, Tekla, and Bonsai headed home from LA last weekend along with Natalie and her mom Carrie with Welsey. We already miss you guys but will see you all in a couple of days when we get home on Tuesday.

Pictures from top to bottom are: Warado, Warado, Warado, Wista, Wistar in GP test, Wistar in test, Wistar at the jog inspection for the CDI

Take care!

Festival of the Horse

It was a fun and exciting weekend at the Festival of the Horse Show in LA the weekend of March 25 - 29th. Our group had a wonderful time. The horses are all doing very well. I Thought I would throw up a couple of new photos for you. This was a warm up Grand Prix for Wistar before the CDI at Rancho Murieta next weekend April 2-5th. He had a very strong test with minimal mistakes. The goal for this year is to develop more consistency and strength. He is getting more solid everyday but as many of you know this is a life long process. I hope to get it all figured out before retirement. Take Care!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dressage Affaire 2009

Hello all,

Just returned back to base from the Dressage Affaire horse show at Del Mar's show park. All eight of our horses attended. Here are some of the details. Wistar and Warado were entered. Wistar did two open grand prix test in front of the panel of 5 CDI judges. He was very solid but still needs to develop strength and cadence in the piaffe/passage tour for higher scores. He competed Friday and Sunday scoring just under 63% both times which was good enough for 2nd place. Warado competed his first time at both 3rd and 4th level. His third level test went well winning 2 of the 3tests with a 67.436% and a 65.581%. He also did his 1st fourth level test which went off without a hitch and won the class with a 70.698%.

We brought three young horses with us down to school and develop. Wrevolution, Arturo, and Wista. All three were super at their first horse show. Arturo, who is owned by Lenora and Bob Shaw, competed at Training level and was steady enough to take home the win in all four of his test of the weekend with his rider Jessica Warner who has been working for Jennifer for the past 8 months. Jessica also rode Wista who is owned by Charlene and Jennifer and competed her at Training and First level with scores ranging from 64%-66% and multiple wins. Wrevolution has been started under saddle recently. He attended the show to school but did not compete just yet. We hope to have him compete in LA in two weeks.

We also had Rod and Tekla Jungaro and Bonsai come down for this show with Natalie Perry and Welsey. Tekla and Bonsai achieved a 60% in their very first show together and at first level. We were very proud of the pair. Natalie had a successful show with Welsey, their first show together as well. Natalie is giving Welsey confidence and showing her the ropes of the Dressage shows down here.

We also have Krisin O'Hearn down here with us. Kristin is a student of Siggi Wolff's that Jen clinics with from time to time. Kristin is hoping to compete at 3rd and 4th level at the LA show. She has brought a very sweet gelding Lars as her partner. We will surely have pics up of her next time.

The pictures you see above are shown in the following order: Arturo and Jessica, The gang watching Warado in his 4th level test(Erica, Charlene, Paula, Natalie, Tekla), Natalie and Welsey, Wista and Jessica, Wrevolution and Jennifer, Bonsai and Tekla, Warado and Jennifer.

Take care and hopefully I will get some photos back from the photogragher soon to add of Wistar.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New photos of the young ones

We have two coming four year olds along for the trip. Wrevolution and Arturo. Wrev, the bay, is listed on our sales page under geldings on the Summervale Farm site and is coming to gain experience and exposure down in CA. Arturo, the chestnut, is along for the same thing but has already been purchased by Bob and Lenora Shaw of Calgary, Canada. We are getting the boys all ready for their new owners to be.

Wistar and Warado are doing great. Warado is currently making the transition into the double bridle and is doing wonderful. Bonsai, Rod and Tekla arrive tuesday along with Natalie and her mare, Whoohan. We are looking forward to having the group all together as we prepare for the first show, Dressage Affaire that runs this coming weekend the 13th -15th.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Training season has begun!

Well we have been down in San Diego since Tuesday and the horses are all doing wonderful. We have six horses with us this year with two more on the way meeting us at our first horse show, Dressage Affaire in Del Mar.

Wistar and Warado are doing very well. We are working with Steffen Peters again this year. I took my first lesson with Steffen yesterday, thursday, on Warado and that went really well. His changes are already getting more expressive.

I have Warado's full brother Wrevolution down with us as well. Wow is he developing beautifully. This is his first trip to a show and he is so brave and uncomplicated, especially for a coming 4 year old. Watch for pictures of this talented guy coming soon.

Thanks Kristen for taking the snap shots of Warado during our lesson with Steffen. It's been a while since we have had anything new of him.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wistar and Jennifer

It has been a long rode to this point. I am proud of the horse that has developed beneath me and I am honored to ride him each and every day. I am thankful for the blessings in my life and I am so fortunate to have the loving support of so many. Thank you for the chance to do what I love each and every day. As I prepare for another season at Grand Prix with Wistar I hope to gain the knowledge and the skills to grow as a rider and so much more as a person. Here's to a competitive and healthy 2009!