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Sunday, April 26, 2009

2009 FEI ROLEX World Cup

What an event. Steffen Peters and his mount, Ravel have recently won the FEI ROLEX World Cup with an 84.95% WOW! Many of the Summervale Gang were able to witness this awesome event. Steffen was calm ans cool as he entered the arena for the Grand Prix and I just couldn't help but feel like he was going to make it happen. Make it happen he did earning an amazing score and clinching the victory. It was the same result for the Grand Prix Freestyle. Poetry in motion. I am as motivated as ever to get back down to the beautiful farm of Arroyo Del Mar where he trains and continue to receive the priceless instruction that he gives. Here are a couple of fantastic photos taken by my friend, Siggi Wolff. Thanks so much Sig!

On a side note the horses all made it home safe and sound. A major relief! We are taking it a bit easy for a period and then will get geared up once again to hit a couple of the Washington shows and perhaps head down once again to train with Steffen this Summer!

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