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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Beautiful gift from a dear friend

Today as I entered the farm a wonderful friend and client had left me a beautiful gift. It was the most amazing painting done of our boy Wistar. The painting depicts Wistar having a wild frolic and it truly captures his energy and heart along with his incredible eye. Diana O'diear-Mellinger painted it for us and I will love and treasure it always. Thank you so much Diana.


Deborah Burksfield said...

Gorgeous picture of Wistar, have a wonderful day......


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pic of Wistar! Diana does such beautiful work.

I can't wait to track your progress on this new site :)!

Happy New year

Denise Schryver said...

A lovely painting of the talented
Wistar by Diana, a very good painter.

Look forward to tracking your New Year!

Denise & Wachter

Charlene Summers said...

The sign of a great dressage pair is beauty in motion and the two shall become one.Terry and I are so proud of Jennifer and Wistar.What a great gift.Talent top and bottem.Terry and Charlene Summers we love you both!!!!!!!!