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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Getting ready to go!

January 14

Wow! Another year has passed.Today is my husband Alex and my first wedding anniversary. Hard to believe how time flies. He has been with me through a lot of new adventures with Wistar and competitions. Especially considering I was away almost four months in 2006. I was lucky though, he got to come see me a couple of times during competitions and I tried really hard to get home to see him and help my students a couple times as well.

Plans are starting to come together as far as preparation's for the 2007 season. Recently I learned that the Klaus/Debbie clinic has been moved up to the end of January so that has put a rush on things a bit. We are waiting to see how the weather and the pass conditions will hold up. They will play a large role as to when I can leave. If I can get everything confirmed then I will leave the 25th of January to head down south. If not then more likely the 15th of February. I am very excited for Klaus to see Wistar again. He has been going really well and I am feeling much more confident with his piaffe now. He is getting stronger and more consistent. I am looking forward to getting him back to the warmer weather. I know we both work better when it's above 20 F.

I Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's celebration and thank you to all of your continued support and encouragement. It really means a lot!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you Jen! I'd say, "Keep up the good work"... but I know that I really don't need to tell you anything because you've got the drive and intelligence to do it all on your own. We all have so much faith in you and can't wait to see you compete in the Olympics! I love you guys,

David James Schrader