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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dressage Affaire

Hi every one sorry for the late post. Thanks for all of your interest and support. Needless to say this show was not our best. We had many issues heading into the competition. The jog was quite a disaster. It was our first jog back in about two years and let me tell you I had a wild man on my hands. He was so excited and leaping and jumping like the hot man that he really is not. He seemed to have kicked himself in the process. He was not quite right afterwards and during the process blew out all of his energy. The following day for the Grand Prix all the wind was out of his sails and he still did not quite seem himself. I had many mistakes that were not in our normal limits. It was a tough score to swallow but every experience really teaches us so much.

I decide to scratch him for the freestyle. He felt much better the next day but still was sore somewhere and I just didnt feel good about it. So we took it easy and decided to focus our efforts forward for The Festival of the Horse two weeks later.

Paula and Rubesco did a fantastic job in their test scoring a 64% in 2-4 winning the class and a 63.42 at 1-4 taking 2nd on Thursday. On Friday she scored a 64.2% in her 2-4 class winning it again and then on Sat she won her first level class with a 69%. Paula and Rubesco are making phenominal progress and plan to show third and fourth level when they return to WA later this year.

Cendro was also at the show with us and did a super job. He was second in his first 2-4 with a 63% 1st in his 1-4 class with a 67%. Cendro is a hard working boy with a great attitude. He has been so much fun to have down here. On Friday he took first with a 66.6 % at 2-4 and then on Saturday his final test was 1-4 and he took the win with a 74.2%

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