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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday Nov 4th

It is my 13th day here in Germany and I am having a great time. I have learned my way around the autobahn and what 160 kilometers an hour feels like(that was just keeping with the flow of traffic). I also put 10 gallons of gas into the car and paid an amazing $85.... for just 10 gallons. Yikes. I walk every morning from Catherine's house about a mile to the barn. It is very beautiful with all of the trees changing for fall and creating a lovely landscape. Catherine and I and her Uber cute dog Gizzy all go for a 45 minute walk around the forest on our way back to the house in the afternoon. This is great since I am now riding 2 to 3 horses a day down from my normal 8 to 10. Definitely love the exercise.

Wistar is doing great. I am learning some super new tools and Catherine and her staff have been lovely. It is a great operation and I am learning so much everyday. I will get some new video posted soon.

My assistants Paula, Tasha, and groom Alesha are all holding down the fort at Summervale while I am away. We still have some super sale horses in and available. Check out the website for the latest details.

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ilse schwarz said...

I see the sign also points to cafe Gut Fuchtel. Have you been yet?? It is lovely, as are Andrea and Clemens.
I LOVE Vechta...quite jealous :)