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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Doing Well!

Hi everyone,

Hope everything is going well. We are all doing great here. Nancy Dotti of Contact Saddles came and visited us yesterday. She did a check up on my two Albion saddles. Wistar is in a SLK Ultima and Warado is in the new Platinum Ultima model which was sponsored by Nancy. I also am in an Albion KB double bridle and the Ultima girth sponsored by Nanci. She flocked them both and got them fitting the boys just right. You can schedule a saddle fitting yourself by going to Nanci does travel. She also left me with a beautiful 18" Platinum Ultima 18" narrow twist, narrow seat, med/wide tree that I will have available for sale when I get back if it of coarse has not alrady sold. I head over to the LA Equestrian center on Tuesday for our first competition with Wistar on Friday and Saturday. Wish us luck...

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