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Sunday, February 4, 2007

First Day of a New Season

Hi all,

Well the season has officially started for me this year. I had a first level ride on our Warado today or "little man" as we like to call him. He was very well behaved and did an excellent job for his first time out this year. He won his class with a 70.258%. I will work on more expression from him through out the season and see if I can get him to second level by May or so. He will be five later this year and he is extremely easy to train. I won't push it with him and see what develops.

This weekend I will continue to work with Debbie on Wistar. We had another wonderful lesson today. Reinforcing all of those pesky little half halts. We had him sitting nicely today in the canter and the trot work. She is really emphasizing to make him extremely forward thinking to my leg when we work on any sort of Piaffe work. That he is not to lean on my hand and must think more trot when my legs go back and off for the Piaffe aid. Then I can work him down in the neck to make him lift up in the back for a more correct positioning. That's all for now. I show "Little man" again tomorrow and will lesson again with Wistar. I will let you know how it goes.
Talk to you soon.

1 comment:

Paula said...

Congratulations on Little Man - what a great way to start the season!!!

We all are excited you are coming back this weekend!